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Why but because of underlying doubt. How can you judge? Your judgment rests upon. Yet witness never falser was than this. But how else do you judge the world you see? You place pathetic faith in what your eyes. You think your fingers touch. This is awareness which you understand,. Can this be judgment? You cannot judge. This thing it speaks of, and would yet defend,. And you believe. Yet underneath remains the hidden doubt.

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It is itself alone that it condemns,. Hear not its voice. Let Him be Judge of what you are, for He. Christ cannot doubt Himself. The Voice of God. His perfect, everlasting sinlessness. Whom He has judged can only laugh at guilt,. And thus He judges you. Accept His word. Whose Thought created your reality.

What can the body mean to Him Who knows. What whispers of the ego can He hear? What could convince Him that your sins are real? Let Him be Judge as well of everything. His lessons will enable you to bridge.

He will remove all faith that you have placed. He gives you vision which can look beyond. You will no longer doubt that only good. He will select the elements in them. And He will reinterpret all you see,. And you will see the love beyond the hate,. We practice wordlessly today, except.

We introduce these times with but. And then we watch. Who sees the elements of truth in them. Let Him evaluate each thought that comes. Such is your Eastertide. And so you lay. Through your transfiguration is the world. Now do we lift our resurrected minds. Who has restored our sanity to us. Lesson Daily Lesson Page.

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Our bodies and the world were made as a defense against the love that we are. Everything here is a reflection of the guilt that is in the mind projected on the world. It all attests to separation. Yet, as we have seen in the review lessons, Jesus tells us that our minds hold only what we think with God. But we experience fear in letting go of the known. A friend, Stacy Sully, put forward the question "what does it mean to be at the mercy of love? A surrender pregnant with pure unlimited potential.

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A total relinquishing of all the ideas I hold about life. Slipping into the silence and allowing love to show me who I AM. It means touching the deepest places of my vulnerability and being nakedly honest about my cherished defenses.

If I am truly at the mercy of love then there can be no conditions that I place on the manner in which love chooses to show me who I AM. Whether it be the deepest darkest canyon or the highest brightest peak, it is all the same to Love. I cannot claim victimhood, abandonment, rejection or unworthiness. My preferences and aversions must be seen as my ultimate defenses. I can no longer hide in my stories.

We do hide in our stories and we do distract from our pain or make others responsible for it. When defenses show up, an opportunity opens up to us to become aware that we are afraid of the all-consuming love that we are. When we use these opportunities presented to us in our daily lives for healing, we will question the validity of the "dirge" we sing-the stories we hide in.

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We will question the value to us of holding onto our defenses when, indeed they keep us in a state of suffering. No, we don't need to go looking or digging to see what we are hiding from ourselves. We just need to stay aware of what is coming up for us in the values, beliefs and concepts we are holding that remain unquestioned. And when the mind is quiet, and the raucous shrieks of the ego are silenced, then we slip into the silence and allow love to show us who we are. We hide our uncertainties under the guise of certainty.

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Certainty is just a "cloak for the uncertainty it would conceal. In giving up judgment he is merely giving up what he did not have.

Because "in order to judge anything rightly, one would have to be fully aware of an inconceivably wide range of things; past, present and to come. One would have to recognize in advance all the effects of his judgments on everyone and everything involved in them in any way. And one would have to be certain there is no distortion in his perception, so that his judgment would be wholly fair to everyone on whom it rests now and in the future.

Who is in a position to do this? Who except in grandiose fantasies would claim this for himself? Our senses, meaning our eyes, ears, and brains that interpret what we think is reality, are there to convince us that the world is real. They inform us that what we see, hear, experience, feel, and touch is actually happening.