A View from the Back Pew: God, Religion & Our Personal Quest for Truth

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This book is a beacon of light for those on this journey. He is considered by his clients and the industry at large as an agent of change. Tim is married to Lynn, his wife of twenty-nine years. Tim and Lynn are the parents of three adult children who remain the center of their lives and doting owners of Blue and Bailey their dogs. They grew up in the Chicago area and currently make their home in Kansas City.

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A reality? In fact, relatively few unaffiliated Americans report they regularly devote much time to thinking about God or religion.

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  • Despite their lack of connection to formal religious institutions, most unaffiliated Americans retain a belief in God or a higher power. Strong majorities of Americans who belong to the major Christian religious traditions hold a personal conception of God.

    Religion, Bible, Can you handle the Truth? (Read My Description Below)

    Although most unaffiliated Americans do not reject outright a belief in God, they express many more doubts about the existence of a higher power than other Americans. Religiously unaffiliated Americans are also less likely than religious Americans to link belief in God to moral behavior. Although previous research has shown that atheists are viewed quite negatively among the public, most religiously unaffiliated Americans do not have qualms about sharing their religious beliefs or views about religion with their friends or family. Religiously unaffiliated Americans are distinct from religious Americans in important ways, but there is also considerable diversity among this group.

    Using two separate questions that measure the personal relevance of religion and the perceived social benefit of religion, we identified three distinct groups among the unaffiliated: Rejectionists, Apatheists, and Unattached Believers. For a full demographic profile of these three subgroups of religiously unaffiliated Americans, see Appendix 2.

    ____Book Excerpt: 'On God's Side'

    Overall, religiously unaffiliated Americans are significantly younger than religiously affiliated Americans. Among the religiously unaffiliated subgroups, Rejectionists and Apatheists are substantially younger than Unattached Believers. The racial composition of each group is also somewhat distinct.

    The world is getting more religious, because the poor go for God

    The gender ratio also varies considerably between the groups as well. There are stark educational divisions between the groups. The approach and attitude towards religion also varies substantially among the unaffiliated. Rejectionists are unique among the unaffiliated for the degree to which they report a personally negative experience at a place of worship. Despite a generally positive view about the role of religion in society, few Apatheists are actively looking to join a religious congregation.

    Both Apatheists and Rejectionists show considerable disinterest in religion. Conceptions of God vary widely between the unaffiliated subgroups. Rejectionists are also substantially more likely than Apatheists and Unattached Believers to report doubts about God. U nattached believers are significantly more likely than either Apatheists or Rejectionists to perceive a link between religious belief and membership on the one hand and the ability to have good morals and values on the other. The religiously unaffiliated subgroups also diverge in the extent to which they report a cultural connection to religion.


    The cultural connection is strongest among Unattached Believers. Rejectionists and Apatheists are much less likely than Unattached Believers to self-identify as spiritual. Despite their exponentially growing numbers, the political influence of religiously unaffiliated Americans has been muted. It is likely religiously unaffiliated Americans will again be underrepresented at the ballot box this fall.

    The political preferences of religiously unaffiliated Americans depart notably from those of most other religious groups.

    A View from the Back Pew : Tim O'Donnell :

    Consistent with their lower rates of voter registration, religiously unaffiliated Americans express less interest in the election, compared to white Christian groups. Jones, Robert P. Email Address. First Name. Last Name.

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