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The interviewer—the one representing the company and making or influencing hiring decisions—asks a series of questions about the interviewee to gauge his or her level of knowledge, experience, and social and workplace skills, as well as his or her fit for the company and the position.

But savvy job applicants know that asking questions of the interviewer is a great way to demonstrate thoughtfulness, knowledge of the company, and position, and potential for success. Interviewers must be trained to pay close attention to the questions that applicants ask during interviews in order to do a better job of identifying the best candidates in an often-crowded pool. Most applicants understand that company culture is an important part of job satisfaction.

Instead, ask specific questions to clarify concerns you may have based on research or conversations with employees. That demonstrates the type of detailed vision necessary for achievement. While Holzhauer waited 13 years to get on Jeopardy, he was consistently practicing.

He worked to improve his weaker areas of knowledge, even reading children's trivia books, which present facts in an easily processable format. But his preparation even goes deeper.

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He researched the show and found he could gain an edge mastering the timing of Jeopardy's buzzer, which contestants click at a precise time to answer a question. Holzhauer went as far as to read The Secrets of the Buzzer , by former contestant Fritz Holznagel, then used that knowledge to create a replica buzzer and practice with it.

Holzhauer watched hours of Jeopardy and played along with the contestants, even going as far as to watch the show standing, in dress shoes, to best simulate the experience.

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Holzhauer doesn't just have a wealth of knowledge--he has also spent years practicing in a controlled environment designed for the exact outcome. The highest performers, like Holzhauer, know that the best way to improve is to practice under the exact conditions that you will need to perform. Even though I have spoken on stage hundreds of times, I find it incredibly valuable to practice on the actual stage for big speeches to understand the nuances of the set up and the room.

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  • Jeopardy uses dollar counts to keep score, so it's natural to focus on money when discussion Holzhauer's achievement, however Holzhauer is driven by more than money. Holzhauer's love of Jeopardy has always been tied to family. He grew up watching the show most evenings with his family and told the Washington Post that: "I promised my dear Granny that I would appear on 'Jeopardy' one day, and I never take promises lightly.

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    Holzhauer has even wagered less money that he could've in spots, just to ensure his winning totals match important dates in his family history. He told the Washington Post : "Family and friends will always mean more to me than any amount of money or 'Jeopardy!

    The Four X Factors of High Potentials

    I wanted to show them my love in an unconventional way. The depth of Holzhauer's dedication to getting on Jeopardy, and his preparation for the opportunity, is because he's not motivated by money, he's motivated by personal passion. Holhauzer's case is a reminder that financial gain can only push a person so far, and fulfilling achievement requires pursuing something that aligns with passion, purpose and core values. He is at the top of his field, and his vision, preparation and passion are characteristics that everybody must emulate to be a top performer.