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I seemed to be staring down into an infinite black hole receptacle, waiting to receive the darkness that would soon come out of me. A few minutes of dry heaves netted me zero darkness excreted. Attempt 2 was much more fruitful. I felt like my entire soul was throwing up.

What To Expect When You Drink Ayahuasca | The Third Wave

Warm, chocolatey lava erupted from my throat, but provided little relief from the intense physical, mental and soul-shaking anguish I was feeling. It was like my entire body was nauseous, not just my stomach. I remember thinking that it felt like my soul was being punched over and over by Mother Aya. I began to think about people being literally tortured. People in solitary confinement. People serving life-long prison sentences. Why was this happening, and when was it going to end?

I considered all possible ways to make it stop. Being knocked out? All seemed like less than desirable options. This anguish continued for roughly 4 hours out of the 6-hour trip.

What To Expect When You Drink Ayahuasca

It all culminated during a particularly heavy drumming session that seemed to be designed to maximize my agony. Then things chilled out. The music slowed, and almost by magic, I was able to think and relax. I started flying through all of the major components of my life. My closest friends, my family, my companies, my personal issues. Answers rapid-fired into my head with ease. As if Mother Aya was rewarding my suffering with sage-level advice on everything in my life.

2nd-3rd Ayahuasca Journey - Think You Didn't Have an Experience...

One of the key takeaways was the decision to scale back my major project to something less stressful and more meaningful in nature. All in all, the takeaways from the experience made all of the suffering extremely worthwhile. I left with a lengthy to-do list of things to integrate.

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Looking at the world anew, and already half-way through implementing all of the insights and ideas I had during the ceremony. Writing this article is one of them. I inhaled the sweet jungle tobacco into my mouth. It had the consistency and smoothness of a high end cigar. Then we started focusing on our intention and petition to Ayahuasca.

Punched In The Soul: HighExistence Founder Jordan Lejuwaan’s First Ayahuasca Journey

My intention was simple; just give me what I need in order to help me reach my highest potential, my initial petition was to eliminate fear from my life. My reasoning for asking for the elimination of fear is rooted in the idea that fear is what causes most of the dysfunction in humans. These type of fears are, for the most part, unnecessary, given my personal circumstances.

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Once we were each clear, we individually walked over the the pot of boiling Ayahuasca and blew the smoke into the brew for the purposes of transferring our intention into it, before wandering out into the jungle and calling in the seven directions. In Native American shamanistic practices, they will typically call in the six directions which are north, south, east, west, towards the earth, and to the sky. Peruvian shamanism includes the seventh direction, which is inwards, meaning into our own bodies.

As we faced each direction, we would inhale some smoke into our mouths, mentally state our intention, then blow the smoke with our infused intension in the direction we were facing. We completed three cycles like that, finishing with the seventh direction by blowing the smoke into our hands and pressing it into our heart center. That marked the completion of the first ceremony. After that we spent the afternoon just relaxing around the centre, becoming acquainted with our tribe of inner space explorers that would be spending the next ten days together.

I was nervous on the night of the first ayahuasca ceremony. Even though I had this nervousness, I still felt called to be there. Ayahuasca has been on my radar for the past five years.

Why Do an Ayahuasca Dieta?

Knowing that something of this nature exists compelled me to try in. If it could be a tool to truly help me, I wanted to experience it first hand. Now was the time. We fasted for several hours leading up to ceremony. As prescribed by Don Howard, I spent the time before hand in solitude, laying in my room and napping before the three-hour ordeal. Early that day we had all set up our mats. Knowing that I have naturally tight hips I made sure that I had several layers of mats to prop my body up into the most comfortable position. Purging is an interesting aspect of the Ayahuasca experience.

Oftentimes the purged is preceded by troubling streams of thought. After getting comfortable on the mats, the group sat silently in dim candle light. One by one, Don Rober and family made their way into the maloka followed by Don Howard. Then, Don Rober and his son made their way around the Maloka. Before ceremony started, they opened with a protective arkana, which is a song that protects us from anything that may wish to enter our bodies with bad intentions.

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The staff at Spiritquest take the spiritual protection of participants seriously. In fact, there are multiple levels of protection that I envisioned to be like protective force fields. The first level starts around the boundary or the property. The second is around the maloka and the third is actually around each individual participating in ceremony in the form of the arkana and the agua de florida flower water smeared in the shape of a cross on your forehead and chest. Don Rober began addressing the group as Don Howard translated. He explained that they are not witches, nor do they practice black magic.

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Before attending Spiritquest, I would have probably described myself as an agnostic. However, my point of view has changed. They finished opening the space by calling in the seven directions north, east, south, west, the earth, the stars, and within , and Don Rober whistled an arkana or icaros to the Ayahuasca in the bottle waiting to be dispensed. Working our way counter-clockwise from the mesa The alter where Ayahuasca is dispensed we each step up to receive our first cup.

Don Rober poured me three-quarters of a cup for the first night. I was nervous drinking, as I knew that once I drank it there would be no turning back. I glanced over at Don Howard, and he gazed back at me with kind eyes to give me a nod. I held the cup in front of my face, mentally restated my intention to eliminate fear, and I drank. Ayahuasca tastes acidic and can be very hard to get down. The funny thing is that some nights are easier than others. I preferred to get it over with as quickly as possible, so I slugged it back to avoid the taste. Then I reached for a mapacho, lit it, and returned to my mat to wait.

Sitting in the maloka in silence, you notice how loud the jungle is. An orchestra of insects and wildlife were singing in chorus, as Don Howard blew out the last candle. I sat in the darkness waiting to be overwhelmed my mother Ayahuasca. My personal mantra was simple — acceptance. After about thirty minutes of sitting is silence Don Rober and family began shaking the bundle of leaves in their hands and singing the icaros, which are songs passed down to shamans through the plants.

They can be learned, however the true icarros are received through some sort of transmission from the spirit of the plants directly. Each icarros serves a different purpose during ceremony and the lead shaman can utilize different songs as his discretion. You can sample some icaros here.

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I laid down eventually, as I was exhausted and could no longer sit up. Before drifting off to sleep, I made a request. As Don Howard describes them, they are familiar, meaning these entities visit ceremony frequently and heal people. So, I called them in. After laying there for a few more hours, they lit the candle signaling the end of ceremony , I got up, and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and every joint was extremely stiff and sore. Before breakfast, the morning after a ceremony, everyone has a flower bath. The water has been soaking with a variety of flowers and herbs over night.

To cap off the ceremony, Don Rober and his wife pour the water over your head and body while singing another arkana. As the day wore on, my joint pain dissipated. The following days after ceremony my joints felt better than they had in years. Six months later, they still feel better than they did before.

follow Everything leading up to drinking, mostly deita and intention, are equally as important. Fast forward to mid-ceremony.