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I am a committed Christian who hopes to encourage healing through nutrition. I have a keen interest in helping those experiencing stress. Our partnership also specializes in Sports Performance Coaching, coaching for Golf Tour players on all major tours and international and county squads. We also provide Hypnotherapy and Life Skills coaching. I am a HeartMath Provider. I hope to help you share the tools that myself and others are using to reduce your stress and fatigue, enhance your performance,increase your vitality, boost your overall sense of well-being and develop your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure.

I have come to these tools after seeking a practical and scientifically proven approach to stress management. I have worked for many years in the corporate world owning my own promotional products company and have also been a long term carer for my parent who had Lewy Body Dementia. Both these positions are potentially very stressful ones and without using stress management techniques would have been so much more challenging.

I would like to help you to experience less stress, enhanced performance and more well-being in your life.

The New Polar Vantage Series: Everything you ever wanted to know

Thank you for taking the time to find out about me. What makes me come alive… My work. I began my journey a number of years ago, after what can only be described as a monumental wakeup call as a result of stress, anxiety and burn out which affected my jaw, followed by my eyesight.

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The health, body and mind connection is one of my favourite areas to work on with clients because I resonate so strongly with those in similar circumstances, and know what it takes to turn things around. I develop nutritional and lifestyle plans to help address existing health issues as well as promote ongoing health and wellbeing from the standpoint of prevention including, importantly, the management of stress. My approach is highly personalised with the recognition that we are all very unique individuals with very unique requirements. Cardiologist- Homeopath.

I am a Consultant Surgeon with an interest in simulation and stress management for health care professionals. Grainne previously worked in Technology Consulting and has a deep understanding of the challenges of combining a busy working life, being a parent and finding a balance which finds time for prioritising wellbeing.

She is a qualified Health and Wellness Coach from the Institute of Health Sciences as well as a certified Heartmath coach and she specialises in helping people make improvements in general to their Health and overall Wellbeing such as coaching for weight loss, eating healthily, taking more exercise,sleeping better, manage stressand improving resilience. She is a compassionate knowledgeable coach who will help guide you find your intrinsic motivation to be your happiest healthiest self. I have a contemporary, flexible approach, oriented around the outcomes that you would like to achieve.

My intention when working with you is to allow exploration and clarification of the issues and your desired outcomes to provide a foundation from which new resources and resolutions can emerge in a way that is congruent with your system. I am particularly interested in peak performance and maximizing personal potential, so I coach with that in mind.

I have a background in training and self-development counselling, so in addition to biofeedback I also offer study and self-development training and coaching. A specialty is coaching and counselling people with very high intelligence whose formal educational needs were not met, as I understand the problems it causes in the workplace.

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I am also a mature student, currently doing a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. As such, I am able to relate the science of biofeedback to its application in a coaching setting.

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I also offer a range of unique energy-based therapies that focus on restoring balance to body, mind and spirit to enhance well-being. Awareness of our sources of stress and energy drains alongside regular practice of HearMath techniques builds confidence in handling situations with greater resiliency, emotional stability and composure. When we are coherent, we are more aligned with who we really are. I then returned to university to study for an MSc in Positive Psychology. This exciting new science shows us evidenced based ways to flourish. I am one of the pioneers to apply it in the corporate world.

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  6. They may not be sleeping as well as they used to — possibly lying awake at night overthinking situations and conversations. This is showing up as decreased confidence, maybe anxiety, overwhelm or feeling like an imposter. Performance management, Mental skills coaching, Leadership development, Emotional intelligence, Resilience building. A former university lecturer and senior management consultant with the Public Service Training Council. Hugh Russell has over 35 years experience in learning and development.

    The last 25 years he has been working as a freelance trainer and coach. He has worked extensively with clients in the UK and Ireland and provided coaching and training to major banks, local and central government, education authorities and private sector clients including Allied Irish Bank, Danske Bank, NI Civil Service, the Police and Prison service. He also works with private individual clients and small businesses.

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    He is a licensed emotional intelligence coach. His approach is evidence based, practical and grounded. It might be…incorrect use of the body; a period of unremitting stress at work or home; related to anxiety, depression, a trauma, a relationship issue; dietary and gut-related or any combination of their body-systems being out of balance. Almost always I use HeartMath solutions as part of the rebalancing process to gently help reinterpret and change perception. After working for almost 25 years assisting my husband in our Belgian company and raising two wonderful children, I suddenly found myself having space to develop my two passions in life, food and mind.

    I graduated from IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a health coach, meanwhile studying the mind brain connection and ancient wisdom. Combining everything into my own work, I teach people how to grow their self awareness so they can understand others at a deeper level while being aware of their authentic self.

    30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Much Happier You!

    With deep and broad knowledge coupled with empathy and nurture, I bring out the best of oneself. I have enjoyed a successful business career and an active outdoor social life. By conventional standards I was extremely fit and healthy, until at the age of 57 I suffered severe heart attacks and was diagnosed as diabetic. Near death experiences made me aware of the energy connections that surround us. The NHS saved my life but I quickly discovered that if I was to return to health and live a useful productive life then the way forward was down to me.

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    Through correct diet, mental and physical exercise and HeartMath techniques we all have the capacity to fulfil our full potential and to enjoy a fulfilled, funfilled, meaningful life. My unique approach ensures mind, body and spirit synchronise to restore balance in the body and harmony in life. My clients get the transformation they seek and step out of overwhelm into authentic action. If you would like more mental clarity, emotional stability, confidence in your purpose, energy, and vitality, I can help.

    I had worked as an HR Specialist then Consultant and Coach across both the public and private sector before deciding to work for myself in I now spend most of my working time, coaching, supervising coaches and designing and facilitating coach training programs for internal, external coaches and line managers. My interests are in working with those in transition and supporting the building of resilience, mindfulness, compassion and an awareness of the use of heart energy in our work. My experience both in the UK and overseas, has given me a valuable perspective on individuals and organisations that helps me connect quickly with others.

    HeartMath biofeedback can significantly support mindfulness practice. My first career was in the British Army, followed by 6 years with The John Lewis Partnership, then 17 years in Singapore running my own training business. I am a professional coach, coach supervisor, leadership facilitator and founder of Osmosis Development since In recent years I have become aware of the phenomenal power of aligning our heart, mind and body, so we can consciously embody our own best selves. I am interested in the fields of mindfulness and neuroscience and am currently training with Professor Paul Brown on the latest research in this field.

    I have my own regular meditation practice, work with compassion and heart energy with clients, so we can access our own power and wisdom.

    here I have seen these tools, including HeartMath, benefit many of my clients in the corporate world here, internationally and for private clients who want to develop their personal well-being which involves working with transition and personal change. I am also informed from the fields of clinical Transactional Analysis, N. I am a professional and accredited coach with the Association for Coaching and an accredited coach supervisor with the Coaches Supervision Academy.

    I have written a number of coaching articles and have been published in Coaching at Work. I use an integrative approach to empower clients to achieve their goals. Nutrition and mindset are two key elements of this. HeartMath can be an invaluable tool to help clients establish and realise their goals. Using HeartMath alongside nutritional therapy I guide clients to build resilience. Clients are guided through ways to reduce negative responses to stress and emotional eating triggers and achieve their nutritional and health goals.

    Bespoke retreats for stress reduction, confidence building and physical fitness in the UK and overseas. Support to veterans, veterans charities and case management companies. Corporate wellbeing services, health checks, physical therapy sessions for stress reduction and resilience work.

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    Includes in-depth report and coaching. A highly motivated leadership professional who practices HeartMath techniques in daily life and work. Jonathan Rennison is an occupational psychologist and professional coach who started his career in international development.

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    He spent ten years working as a specialist in children at risk, with a focus on conflict and post-conflict zones. He worked throughout sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia developing and delivering regional programmes and country-wide projects that addressed local needs and issues. Alongside this, he brings expert knowledge which he shares with clients to support their development and the achievement of clear outcomes. I am an accredited EMDR Practitioner, an accredited FDAP Drug and Alcohol Professional and a licensed Heartmath coach, working as both the owner and director of Resurface Residential retreats addressing trauma, creativity and positive growth , a group consultant at Start2Stop, and in private practice.

    I have created the Heartful Life Coaching Programme to offer the benefits of fully living from the heart. This teaches how the heart is a healer, wise guide, sanctuary of peace and source of resources that make life more fulfilling. My role as a Licensed HeartMath 1to1 Provider is central to this work. I also offer shorter courses both online and in person , books and webinars for anyone who is wanting to experience the amazing power of their heart more fully.