Dawns Prelude (Song of Alaska Book #1)

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Most relevant reviews. One of a great series of three. Signet Classics by George Orwell You may also like. Tracie Peterson Paperback Books. Paperback Cookbook. Books Margaret Peterson Haddix. More filters.

"To Be Continued..." song based on "Looking for Alaska" by John Green

Sort order. Start your review of Dawn's Prelude Song of Alaska, 1. Shelves: kindle-free , cfd-hidden-gem. This book was quite the surprise. I originally thought it would be a good historical read which it was , but reading the first chapter, I realised it would also be so much more. The suspense contained in this story had me skipping some pages to see what happened, then going back to read the detail.

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska Series #1)

There was so much spiritual wisdom in this book through Lydia's questioning of God and her circumstances. I adored Zee and how by just loving Lydia, was able to help Lydia in her search fo This book was quite the surprise. I adored Zee and how by just loving Lydia, was able to help Lydia in her search for answers.

The relationship between Lydia and Kjell was sweet and realistic, though there was a time I wanted Kjell to take action instead of stepping back and waiting as he did. The evil portrayed through the Gray family's greed for power and money was harsh. Even though it was implied, I would have liked to see a story about justice being served over the Gray brothers.

And since the next book continues after a number of years passed, I think I would have liked an epilogue just to maybe see a happy ending for Evie. I really enjoyed this and will continue this series. Oct 14, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , clean. The thing that stood out for me in this book was the author's beautiful writing style.

The storyline caught the readers attention immediately, then held it rapt through all the twists and turns of the plot while keeping an almost lyrical feel to the words being written. The only downside was some of those twists and turns were a little beyond the fray of even suspended belief.

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View all 5 comments. Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to reading this book.

Tracie Peterson (E-kitapları)

It was just on my TBR list and I had it on my kindle, but the cover was really not that appealing to me. I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover and this was certainly a testament to that statement. There was so much raw emotion in this book and I loved getting to know the characters and seeing how they progressed throughout. The best part of this book was the story line and the suspense.

This book had more suspense in it Wow. This book had more suspense in it than actual suspense books that I have read.

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This is hands down one of the best books by Tracie Peterson that I have ever read and I will definitely be finishing this series. Oct 06, K rated it it was ok. I had to really think about what rating this book should get. The first fifty pages and the last 75 to pages were decently written, worth at least a three but the rest of the book was boring and one dimensional.

The plot itself was sort of interesting, while not a mystery, since you knew whodunit, the bad guys were so malicious you just had to find out how bad they would really be but in the safety of a Christian novel where everything always turns out just fine. That to me is at least worth I had to really think about what rating this book should get. That to me is at least worth a three, predictable but entertaining. The characters were so flat it was annoying. There was nothing interesting about Lydia, Zerelda and Kjell.

They had very little affect or personality, they were pure, always choosing the right thing, and therefore contributed nothing to the story except to be the victims. As I went through the story, I found myself skimming more and more of the sections that focused on their characters, I simply had no connection to them. It isn't good when the interesting characters are the bad guys, Marston by far was the most interesting character.

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  6. He was so evil, I couldn't help but read everything whenever he was on the page just to find out how evil he really was. Evie was also a better character with a small amount of growth throughout the book. It is only because of these two characters that character development gets a two instead of a one. The faith aspect of the book was truly lacking.

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    5. The characters preached at me about a variety of different subjects. I read a review that stated only "Christian propaganda" before I started the book. This is very accurate, it doesn't even try to have the characters live out their faith, it only has them talk theology.

      https://hukusyuu.com/profile/2020-05-18/spionage-app-iphone-kostenlos.php Kjell is slightly more dynamic because at one points he questions a God that would allow so much bad to happen but Zerelda is totally without any emotion just talking about God's plan and trusting Him. I have met few Christians who, when confronted with tragedy, don't go back to God with questions and anger. This makes it so unbelievable and sets a standard that is nearly impossible to achieve but for those truly mature in faith, and those truly mature in faith, generally have already confronted these kinds of loses.

      Since we see nothing of Zerelda's background we don't know if she has or not, going back to the lack of character development. So as far as faith and inspiration, it gets a one. I won't be reading anymore of her books, unless, like this one, I get it free from kindle. Even then, I may pass. It is such a shame that Christian women are being fed this kind of shallow belief system and being told to pass it off as true faith.

      Jul 23, Jen rated it did not like it.

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      This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ok, please excuse me if you love these, but ick! The main character is married off at 16 to a much older abusive man, who had murdered his first wife. She ends up inheriting all the family money, the grown kids hate her, she secretly moves to Alaska, finds out she's pregnant, has the kid, falls in love, gets married, gets shot, kid gets stolen by the evil stepson , she has amnesia, her sister-in-law brings the kid back. Through it all there are platitudes about how you have to put your faith in Ok, please excuse me if you love these, but ick!

      Through it all there are platitudes about how you have to put your faith in God, but no answer to the question of why He lets the bad stuff happen. But, hey, as long as you believe you'll end up rich and married in Alaska, so go for it. I was also disturbed by the sister-in-law having an adulterous relationship, not consumated, and seemingly this was ok til she found out her husband was behind it all because her husband wouldn't touch her and there were rumors of twisted tastes on his part I interpreted this as maybe he likes guys Basically a formula romance, minus the sex, plus the preaching.

      And I never need to read another book by this author!!!! View 1 comment. Sep 21, Lydia Presley rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , historic-fiction , religious-romance. So, here's the deal.