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Brodie added: "We were told by the police that if we went to the airport with our passport details we would be able to fly, but at the airport, Ryanair said that that wasn't an option.

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The woman was sent to withdraw more money but as Dermot had given her a card which could only access an account with insufficient funds, she was unable to get any more. The gang told Dermot to go assist her, after which the couple fled the scene. While he sustained a sprained ankle they escaped and immediately made a full statement to local police.

That “most used words” Facebook quiz is a privacy nightmare

They were largely confined to their hotel for the remainder of their holiday with virtually no money. On the last day they went out for a short period but when they returned to their hotel they were horrified to discover their room had been ransacked with credit and debit cards stolen as well as at least one mobile phone. He said police had identified the criminal gang and had the house in which they were staying under surveillance.

Dermot expressed frustration at the travel insurance company AIG who he said had failed to help him and his fiancee. He said they had been given no emergency cash and had not been allowed to move hotels after the original robbery. Irish couple robbed twice during nightmare holiday in Portugal Donegal man complains insurance company did not cover cost of theft in Albufeira Fri, Jan 11, , Updated: Fri, Jan 11, , Conor Pope. More from The Irish Times Europe. Gaelic Games. Please help. If you ordered something with your credit card and you don't get it you can call your credit card and make a dispute.

This FTC article explains how to dispute a charge on your credit card. Number to beware,new scam is stand-in baths for the mobility impaired,phone number that shows up is ,is a New Hampshire number. Same rigamarole about talking to a manager after you answer few quick questions,robo calls 3 times in two minutes. I was reporting a Facebook scam where one say there is a new program to help pay bills.

The scammer uses the name Zandra Williams,phone number and then she texts back and ask if you are applying for the federal government SSI monetary commission. Then she asks for your name, address, age, email address, sex, text number,occupation,monthly income, and ones parents names. I was presented with a facebook award along with serial number, claim number, ticket number and batch number but when i asked where and how do i send the fee, the reply was thru money gram and the funding department was located in Nigeria.

So i told the person that i pass because the program do not sound legit and she kept saying that it was legit. She also have one to sign their signature to say that they will keep this program secretly from family and friends. I did not send no money to her but she has my information and my signature. I went through the exact same thing. This money is a government grant that I don't have to pay back.

I ask God is this true? The Lord said it was Satan playing games and told me to leave it alone. Thank You Lord!!!! Got a phone call saying I owed a debt that I haven't heard anything from in 3 years, she gave me 3 payment options all of which involved me paying hundreds of dollars by the end of the week, she said if I didn't pay anything right now a sheriff deputy would come to my house and serve me with contempt of court papers.

Don't I have to go to court first in order to be in contempt? I found out in August that 1 Bank Account and 1 credit union was being hit by Paypal and Ebay and other entities. None of these institutions notified me of any suspicious activity!!! I always paid my credit cards off every month. I always paid my bills and kept my bank accounts clean for 16 years! I have been fighting this now still today! Can this be happening to me?

I was robbed also in the last 6 months and life has been a nightmare. Fighting to stay above water over illnesses, family surgeries and too much for me to handle Now I am in a bad situation because as an elderly person with progressive health issues and sent to ER 3 times due to Panic Attacks and other illness from this attack on me.

My credit score was about Always good!! Now, under I cant focus and dont know how to fight this that has happened to me, I thought our banks and credit card companies stayed informed with their creditors of suspicious activity!!! What shall I do? I need help bad! Cant pay bills now! You can provide as much information as you have about the theft and the accounts that were affected.

The website will create personalized letters and forms you can send to banks, credit card companies and other businesses you need to inform. You can print the report you need to show to law enforcement. You can create a personal account, create a checklist of steps and track your progress all in one place. COM and apply for things that will never come true they are the essence of liars and cheats and i am sure that if the app had gone through i could then ad thieves to that list because just like every other scam is they then would be asking for money they are not getting mine not yours ether if your smart.

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Gavin Hapgood is accused of killing a resort worker who he says demanded money

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Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. November 23, by Amy Hebert. Know how NOT to pay. Spot imposters. Make sure your money goes to real charities. Tagged with: charity , gift cards , imposter , money transfer , payment , scam , shopping.

This is a public relations nightmare for the FB: Marc Lotter

Blog Topics:. Comments boffo November 23, reply. Al Roper November 23, reply. Get Smart November 23, reply. I'm grateful that you email me timely updates.

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Thank you. BR- November 23, reply. You may want to look in to Dish Network , They are good Scammers. Sly the Cyber Guy November 23, reply. Excellent post Amy! Scammers - Scumbags The lowest of lowest dirtbags.