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Author Recent Posts. Julian Cheatle. Julian acts as editor for the site, and also contributes The title of this book intrigued me the beginning. Bravo Ladies!

This collective biography profiles six women who were curious about nature and due to their passion for science overcame obstacles in male dominated arena. She notes that by forcing yourself to craft a one liner, you will prevent your story from going nowhere. Regarding the middle-grade MG and young adult YA genre four agents answer four questions in the article 4 on 4. This cleverly formatted article contains a lot of information. The agents talk about the most important differences between MG and YA, what makes a standout writing for MG readers, and the common mistakes they see in the manuscripts submitted to them.

Then send the contact person an introductory email sales pitch. In the email Brown advises you to introduce yourself, tell them what you can offer, and direct them to your web site. I was fortunate to hear Mary E. Mary told the group that she once sat in their seats at chapter meetings and absorbed everything she could about writing for children. She confessed she was not a fast writer and started researching fast writing tips so she could write smarter.

Below are a few of her nuggets:. I have printed it out on a large post-it and stuck it to my monitor. No more stalling when starting a new project.

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To celebrate, I wanted to share my favorite books about the first president of the United States. George Washington suffered most of his life with bad teeth. By the time he was 24 years-old, he had lost at least one tooth a year. When he was elected president, he had only two teeth left. By the way, contrary to common belief, Washington never had a set of wooden teeth. This easy reader is a delightful story about George Washington and his love of animals. This well written book focuses on George Washington as a farmer, inventor, and scientist. On his farm, Washington sought to improve farming methods and share his knowledge with others.

Abraham Lincoln was absent-minded. To stay on top of things, he kept his letters, court notes, contracts and his checkbook in his top hat.

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Colorful watercolor drawings illustrate this delightful book. I have read this well illustrated biography of Abraham Lincoln many times.

Marrin portrays Lincoln as a cautious and principled man who by meeting the challenge of our national crisis, the Civil War, became our greatest president. It holds a special place in my Civil War library. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. It is an educational movement to help children become better prepared to enter the workforce and solve problems that exist in the real world. Science — systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied.

Technology — applied science; a method, process: etc. Engineering — the science concerned with putting scientific knowledge to practical use; the planning, designing, construction or management of machinery, roads, bridges, buildings, etc. I was surprised by the definition of technology. Previously, I had a limited view of the word.

Now I realized technology encompassed more than computers and programing. Not totally satisfied, I began to search the internet for more clues to help me understand what STEM meant. Jolly defines science as the study of our world, math as the language of numbers, shapes, and quantities, and engineering as the process used to solve problems.

She feels that any product created to solve a problem or meet a need is technology. This colorful and fun site is a guide to engineering for high school girls. The sections on why engineering, meet inspiring women, and find your dream job gave me a lot to think about. This impressive site provided a tremendous amount of information. She also talks about other key developments in the market place. He gives you some game rules and breaks down a query into six components to help you stand out from the pack.

It contains over 20, vetted listings of book marketing resources for writers. Nine of them publish books for children.

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Three of the magazines are published for children. This board book with only words tells the story of Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. e-book Harry Bones and the Treasure of Raiders Cove.
  2. Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan (Asian Pacific American Award for Literature. Childrens and Young Adult. Winner (Awards)).
  3. The House of the Lord: Fifteen.
  4. Winterzaubertraum (Buch mit Herz 2) (German Edition).
  5. We March takes place on August 28, , when over , people gathered in Washington D. This award winning picture is my favorite book about Martin Luther King, Jr. The book interlaces Dr. It is a memorable portrait of the man whose dream changed American.

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    Due to blogging, the activity on my website increased steadily over the year. My most successful blogs were about pitching your manuscripts to agents and editors and writing in general. Blogs about historical trivia and book reviews were the least popular. Setting up a blog tour took a great deal of time and was only minimally successful. I joined Twitter in November and began sharing writing tidbits and my blogs.

    Creating a Tweet is short and quick and fits into my life style. Goodreads was time consuming and sometimes confusing.

    Although I like Pinterest, more of my pens about drawing and painting were repined than anything about biographies. I was successful in obtaining reviews for my books simply by asking for them. It was a time consuming process, but I received six 5 star reviews from Amazon reviewers and Debbie Alvarez, The Styling Librarian highly praised my biography of George Eastman on her blog.

    But I do have goals. What are they?