How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms

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However, he continually pursues him all over the castle.

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Phantom is finally defeated when he crashes through a window on the roof, impaling himself on a statue below. Gazing at Dante, he sees Sparda's image and refuses to believe the Legedary Dark Knight is still alive.

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Dante then tells him that he is not Sparda, but his son. Phantom dies soon after, melting into a pool of lava, unable to respond. Phantom makes a brief return as a boss in Devil May Cry 2 , where he emerges from a portal in the sky once the Dumary Island has been brought closer to the Demon World during the solar eclipse. No explanation for this fight or his apparent return from the dead is given, though the Guidepost of Devil May Cry 2 indicates that the portal may be a "door to the past".

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He has no dialogue, and acts as nothing more than a regular boss character. When defeated, he shatters into glass-like shards, and later reappears as a component of the blob-like form of Argosax the Chaos. In the Devil May Cry 2 novel, Phantom appears, in a human form described as "a squat bull of a man whose stance betrayed a fire that blazed stronger than the others".

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He also assumes his traditional demon form while fighting alongside Dante during the rebellion against Mundus. Phantom makes a cameo appearance in the opening animation for the Devil May Cry anime. There are actually two Phantoms in the screenshot, but Phantom himself was never encountered during the story. In the manga prequel of the game, an familiar incarnation of Phantom born from Vergil's traumatic memories during his time as Mundus' slave Nelo Angelo appears as a minor antagonist.

All Shadow People Are Terrifying, But The Phantom Hat Man May Be One Of The Worst Of All

Familiar Phantom encountered V and Griffon just as he crippled his fellow familiar Shadow. A fight ensued due to Phantom's stubbornness and proud behavior that culminated to V destroyed him with Shadow's aid, making him only familiar that not joined V's side. GT: MongooseDave2. User Info: oomomow. Are we talking about Phantom from DMC 1? If so, I would be all for that.

How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms

Oh great Kirby, destroyer of worlds, we are not worthy. User Info: Sephivengeance9.

I'm hoping he'll have the throwbacks to Phantom along with an expanded moveset, myself. I would love to see what a more up-to-date Phantom would be capable of. My Agent Hunt vids.

watch User Info: OriginalGen. OriginalGen posted I'm pretty sure we're talking about the lava demon spider Phantom from DMC 1 and 2. I remember him so fondly despite dying to him innumerable times during my very first playthrough. Sephivengeance9 posted I never thought of buying air raid when I first did that battle.


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