If Jesus Had a Dog

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NOW, when people come over to buy a puppy, I can say "This little celeb…"!!! I have stars made with their name and paw prints in, in the walk up to my house, and the front room is my business with "schnauzer" things everywhere! I have witnessed over "miracles, wonders, and signs" Ac "approved of God" , and am writing books on what I have witnessed. For one, I had a miraculous healing with The Lord's hands in my back for 3 days and 3 nights!

I had suffered 9 years from a fractured spine in a diving accident, at the point of death, alone, I cried out for healing! Then, after 17 years from the healing, I realized what those Scriptures meant as a whole…if anyone desregards my testimony, He will destroy! In revelations it says dogs are not allowed in heaven. The dogs will stay outside with murderers and idolaters sinners.

How funny that dogs are the most loyal of Gods animal servants and seemed to have been created in order to guard the house, the family, the children. I cant think of any animal that shows such selflessness to its master except the dog. Maybe they were dealing with the native Canaan dog only. But how many people owe their lives to dogs intervening between them and hoodlums or dragging them from a burning building. And how many videos have I seen where a dog visiting the grave of its master starts weeping and sniffling, and laying its body down in a surrendered pose as though the dog itself was injured?

More then my share. In the movie Omen, Damien was protected by a wat?

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Hades, Greek god of the underworld, companion was a 3-headed wat? In Egypt, Anubis, god of the underworld had the head of a wat? Make no mistake. The bible always compared men to animals in terms of their character. Doves,serpents, lions,and lambs.

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To be called anything unclean, meant that that which u r being compared to is also unclean. So dogs are unclean to have as PETS but not as a guard outside the house. I really am shocked at some of the idiotic responses on this thread. I enjoy reading the BAR articles but am really going to avoid the comments from now on.

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The Hebrew pronunciations are different. I think it is because it came through the German language. There are many dogs in israel — most of them as working dogs, not pets. They are valuable for guarding cows and sheep and goats in the fields. Few people keep pets in Israel as they are expensive and the apartments are small. A dog in evrit is kelev.

This would be better pronounced as Kalev. The vowels are different. Dogs that were,feral, pariah, wild, lost, with out owner, were hated among the Jews, however, they had dogs that were allowed in the house as pets. A completely disingenuous statement. Look into the etymology. They descend from a common ancestor who is extinct. The author needs to correct her misinformation. Alot of harm has been done to dogs in part because of this misconception. They descend from a common ancestor. Scientists USED to believe they were descended from wolves. No longer.

The only slaves who were released in the seventh year were the Israelites who put themselves into servitude. The slaves who were bought from neighboring peoples could be kept forever and passed down to heirs. Ps , yet the Lion is used to represent Judah and many other aspects of religion, how do you explaine the comparison. I see a reference to both of these animals at his feet. It seems to me that this reference gave the dog the power of the Lions mouth. If the Lion is no longer feared, no doubt he will send the dogs.

If that is how you interpret bible passages I am no longer interested in any of your biblical conclusions on anything else. The dog is unclean, revealing what makes us spiritual unclean, and spiritually stink. The cat does not have this offensive odor.

If Jesus Had a Dog by Donald H. Hart

Aaron was directly related to the sin of the children of Israel at Mt. It is our word the dog that makes us spiritually unclean, not our spirit the cat. Our word is the culmination of ALL of our false beliefs religious and personal. Truth is good.

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Lies are evil. They like the dog in ancient days are not to dwell in our spiritual house! Thanks you, Ellen White for your rich raport. The Jews perhaps developed this negative relation between men and dogs. Was there the same attitude to the serpents which had cultic value in the pagan religions? In many respects the Jews adopted the contrast, and the Christians borrowed it from them?

Outside the Bible the Book of Tobias feels differently with the dogs. Such one followed Tobit and his friend to a long journey and returned with them From time immemorial, mankind has observed the characteristics and habits of animals and has applied them in a figurative or symbolic sense to persons, peoples, governments, and organizations. Examples pertaining to the figurative use of the qualities residing in an animal, or suggested by its characteristics, are listed in the accompanying charts.

Viciousness,Wicked enemies of David uncleanness Ps , For dogs surround me; They close in on me like a pack of evildoers, Like a lion they are at my hands and feet. Operating in Sexual pervert: De , You must not bring the price paid to a female prostitute or the price paid to a male prostitute Lit.

Bible Angels: Dogs Lick a Beggar’s Sores and Angels Carry Him to Heaven

Packs:Php , Look out for the dogs; look out for those who cause injury; look out for those who mutilate the flesh. Re ,Outside are the dogs and those who practice spiritism and those who are sexually immoral and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices lying. Let me go over, please, and take off his head. In sexual,Wicked shepherds of Israel Desire:Isa , 11,His watchmen are blind, none of them have taken note. All of them are speechless dogs, unable to bark. They are panting and lying down; they love to slumber. They are dogs with a voracious appetite; They are never satisfied.

They are shepherds who have no understanding. They have all gone their own way; Every last one of them seeks his own dishonest gain and says. The Father used dogs throughout History. He sealed the mouth of Lions and opened the mouths of Dogs.

It is not the Dog that is evil, rather the Dog is sent to evil. As it is in some Nations where they confuse the teachings of the Father with their own mythology, so it was with Israel. A lot of these fears and interpretations come from the stay in Babylon. They survived a frightening time in History when they, as it is now, were unsure of the lines drawn between their Father and the many other gods they were exposed to.

They did the same with cats because of their worship by Egypt. The same thing happened to the snake and a few other animals in History. They need to seriously put it in their minds that all things belong to the Father for his purpose and just because mindless peoples worship animals as if they are above man, does not mean that they are no longer possessions of the Father and created by the Father. Listen to the podcasts for incredible testimonies of people who found hope, despite cancer diagnoses.