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There have been, and are, times, and places, when to speak a certain language was dangerous. I always used to feel that I needed to be careful about the way I was speaking to my parents because any wrong word could set off a massive argument that never ends well for the child. And I mean never. I had started to think that maybe I was getting rude on them and I that I should try to change the way that I talked to them. So that was what I did. I would try to just follow their instruction without putting any comments that they would take as a sign of defiance. So that usually meant that I kept quiet.

They seemed to be really happy with this and I thought I would be too. However, I quickly learned that I shouldn't have to do that. That was when I decided that I just needed to talk to my parents and figure things out with them. And they had agreed with me. Thank you for coming to us and telling us how you feel. We will try to be more understand and talk it out more.

And my mom agreed with him too. Because of that, I am able to communicate more effectively with my parents. I learned to just try and sit down and talk to them to explain that the language that I use with them does not mean any disrespect to them. If you know whence you came, there is really no limit to where you can go.

According to James Baldwin, I was destined to be a lost soul, but then I realized — what if I read that differently? As I begin to practice patience and appreciation and watch my mother age, I savor our phone chats and vacations together all the more. You didn't have the best or the newest things — you didn't have what you wanted. You had what you needed, and that was enough. A violent drug dealer gives her a drop of the. We can always count on Lizzo to deliver hit songs, body-positive manifestos, twerking tutorials, and bold, bright looks on the red carpet. But as fans. In the video above, Olympic track star Brigetta.

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A new Netflix series, called Trinkets, drops today and follows a group of teenage friends who bond over an unlikely shared interest: shoplifting. Finding a therapist who you actually trust and whose services you can afford often feels like a daunting task. Navigating the healthcare system can be. Buying plants is a specific type of retail therapy. This is especially true for millennials who didn't invent the concept of houseplants, but, like we do.

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Nice, we agree with you. Thank you. Awesme Flinto Thanks a lot we are learning so much here!

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This is the perfect time i have met flinto box to train up my kids and my self…. Really helpful information for this modern society changing nature of families. We have to improve ourselves for our children. Thanks a lot. Very true, Rohit! Thank you for sharing this with us! Do stay tuned for more articles on child development! These are common words which are being used unknowingly on kids.

We never think how much it may effect our kids. When I once used to my girl Dont talk to me, I saw her really upset and she started to cry. Which then made me feel sorry for my words.

When 2 and a half year kid is so mature we must surely think how our each words and action may effect them. Really parenting teaches us everything. Thank you all for taking time out and putting your comments, really appreciate. Hi, This article was really an eye opener for me. Unknowingly I was telling all those things that was mentioned there and I didnt know the damage that it was causing.

Now when I was reading it and as I was realizing that I was saying these things to my 5 year old son, I felt like as if my heart was getting squeezed. Thank you so much for this valuable information, I will definitely keep this in my mind while I talk to my son. Very good parenting tips which was very much needed for me at this situation. But love to read more such tips on the age of years kids.

Till 12 years I think its bit easy to handle kids but after that finding it very tough. I agree I have done lot of mistakes in bringing him up especially could relate my mistakes after reading this article. Hi I have learnt your article. Hi Nice article on parenting. I would like to add here that now a days parents consider their child as property rather than assests. Speaking to child on high tone can crippled their mental growth.

I think, kids should not be told to outstand in the event, they should, rather, be told to enjoy the event , give their best to the event and not worry about the outcome. Afterall , every kid has talents, but all of them cannot do everything. Like once, I and my kid went to a Lego competition, he participated in the years category, and he was the only 4 year old there , rest of the kids were older. Bring up responsible kids. Instead discuss good deeds, discuss financial plannings, teaches children the value of money and they will grow up as planned and responsible spenders.

Discuss climate change-green cover etc, they will learn to respect their environment. Be very careful what you speak infront of the kids.

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Parents can mould their children, the way they want to. Wish these points can be conveyed to the parents who are doing these sometimes subconsciously, unknowingly, those who are underprivoleged socio-economically as well. Those children are much more vulnerable to being wrongly parented as mentioned above. Also, please include a link to share this in Facbook, linked in.

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These are the simple basic articles that as many parents as posssible should be reading. Thanks for such informative article. I always look for places or guidelines how to be a good mother. Looking forward to such articles and your effort much appreciable. We have more articles on parenting and child developement.

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You can check them out here — flintobox. Hi ,very nicely written explaining all aspects,i think we can add one more thing in it,that we should always motivate them to do something new always,and tell them to be compassionate towards elders and respect them ,we can inculcate empathy in children by telling them stories in various forms. HI Nice. You can add more now a days parents judge children by their success. Is that student problem not getting good result? Nice article…… If we treat children by this manner than, definitely our new generation will change the nation.

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I am not married but I will surely give my best effort in future as well….. This is a good article I have ever read. I should do it definitely. Becoming a parent is a very great responsibility. Children will do as you do. They do not follow your pravachan. If you lie before them they will lie. If you take a bribe before them they too will take a bigger bribe. If you value only a rich life your child will become the worst corrupt officer of the government.

Very nice n useful tips. Thanks a lot mam. I will follow ur all 10 tips n also totally agree to that. Its really very needful and good article, thank u very much to share some of your knowledge with all the parents out there…we sometimes need even guidance to guide our baby or child in this fast moving life.. Hi HS Mehta, thanks for your feedback. You can subscribe to our newsletter for an update on blog articles. Really a great article… very true dat child is reflection of parents… So I wish every parent try and implement this tips into their parenting… Thanks for your helpful tips.