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Not cool! Date number two is at his club with sex freely flowing.

Ihre Vorteile

Unable to deal with that she gets back in the car to go back to the party only to find him in a three way. Total catch! I stopped reading those bits — only so many tight pussies I can hear about in one day. So here I sit at the end of this first book with a further 8 to read in the series. Do I want to know what happens? Not sure. A friend of mine has assured me that things rapidly improve by book four. My fingers are crossed because Riot really was a great novel and maybe the author was just finding her feet.

My advice to her would be to go back and edit the earlier novels to within an inch of their lives.

Then she should smack Razer around the head a few times and get him to act like a real man — not the belligerent pig he mostly was. Jun 10, Sheryl C. Nash rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-erotica , loved-it , romance-contemporary. AGAIN, i bought this book on a whim from an unknown author and i was blown away by the story!! View all 8 comments.

Shade's Fall

Nov 08, Stevie rated it did not like it. Really, who can blame her? And, lives happily ever after in the polygamous MC Aug 15, Wendy rated it it was ok Shelves: dirty-talk , motorclub , douche-hero , menage-mmf-mfm , ott-ridiculous , steamy , virgin , asshole-hero , drama-llama , angsty. I should have paid more attention to the reviews though, because this book was definitely NOT for me I should never have started it I love my MC books a bit rowdy, but that's not what this was.

I wouldn't even call them a Motorcycle-club Now Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely love my "smex" and "steam" but I also love it when it comes with some mutual respect, which I found disturbingly lacking in this book!! The men really didn't give a rat's ass about the women And don't even get me started on the heroine I mean are you for real????

The hero treated her like shit, cheated on her and showed her zero fucking respect and she still stayed with him??? I really wanted to like this series and I was especially curious about Lily and Shade's book, but I really can't read stuff like this. It makes me want to break my kindle I have checked the reviews for the next books and they are pretty bad, so yeah I am OUT Dec 07, Liz rated it did not like it.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. The hero was a jackass.

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He was rude and treated women like toilet paper. All he ever thought about was sex.

I don't mean he had sex a lot though he did, with anything that had a pulse. I mean he literally never looked at a woman without thinking of her in a sexual way. Not once. It was like women weren't even people to him, merely objects to get off in. He also weirdly assumed all women are okay with casual hook-ups, blowjobs on a first date, attending sex parties, voyeurism, and public sex. So, without asking, the hero subjected the heroine to all 5 situations. He didn't even notice her obvious shock, embarrassment, and confusion, he just kept steamrolling her into doing things that came across as awkward and skeevy rather than arousing.

Turns out the heroine was a virgin, a pastors daughter, and a regular church goer.

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So, of course, she was overwhelmed by the things he sprung on her. The hero would have known that had he bothered to ask, but he was far too busy deciding which hole to violate first. I was surprised he knew her name. All the women in the MC have sexual nicknames Bliss, etc. Just thinking about this jackass makes me want to take a long, hot shower with lots of soap and a heavy duty scouring brush.

From what I gathered, he goes from bad to worse. Apparently he does something really awful to the heroine in the end. I didn't wait around to find out what it was though.

Jamie Begley ( the last riders series) - Shade ft. Lily

If I thought he might redeem himself even a little, I would have stuck it out. He doesn't, so I had no reason to torture myself any further.

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May 04, Gunjeeta rated it did not like it. MC books have a way about them that i am familiar about, but this ain't a book i enjoyed or even understood. View 2 comments. Dec 09, TumbleNRoll rated it did not like it Shelves: poor-editing , selfishness-run-amok , bad-writing , douchebag-unredeemed-hero , questionable-consent , backstabbing-club-whores , cold-hurtful-male-characters. I am not telling anyone what to think about this book series or the characters in it. I am not judging people for enjoying or not enjoying this series or characters.

I am not judging people's opinions of this series or characters. And I am not going to lecture people, call people names, or chastise people who have opinions about this series or characters that differ from my own. I say this because some fans of this series are fond of calling people "HATERS" and like to chastise people for expressing an opinion they disagree with. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and I'm entitled to mine. In the case of "Razer's Ride, Last Riders Book 1", by Jamie Begley, I can't help but question whether or not the heroine actually consented to any of the things the hero subjected her to, much less the sex acts.

Most of the sex scenes in this book fell into two basic categories: Category 1: Sure, there was consent, but was it freely given? Or was it sexual extortion? EXAMPLE: Razer wants to have casual sex with Beth and have her participate in his club's Friday night sexual free for all, but he suspects her limited sexual preferences or her moral code will prevent him from getting what he wants, so he chooses to "let Beth make the decision", but not really. In their first sexual encounter, Razer wants a hummer, but instead of asking Beth to give him one, he implies that she's a prudish old lady then abruptly pushes her head into his lap and forces his dick into her mouth.

In their second sexual encounter, Razer takes Beth to a club party without telling her that everyone always has sex with everyone else all over the house, even in the public areas, or that he expects her to watch and participate. In both instances, Beth can technically refuse, but saying "no" will be awkward for the socially inexperienced woman and she's too polite to risk making a scene which will be embarrassing for her and possibly insulting to Razer and his MC. End result: Razer uses shame, surprise, force and secrecy to extort Beth into sexual situations she's unprepared for and ill equipped to handle.

Category 2: The plot would have you think consent was granted — but was it, really?

Shade's Fall, Last Riders by Jamie Begley | | Booktopia

Razer and his friends manipulate Beth into watching and participating in sex acts by using the "it's cool" approach and inferring that people who aren't sexually free are sniveling misfits and losers. This very effective form of peer pressure is most commonly used to persuade innocent adolescents and insecure teenagers that drinking and sex will make them "fit in" with the popular crowd.

Though I've never seen it employed on adults, fictional or otherwise. Probably because most real life adults are familiar with juvenile social manipulations and require more sophisticated methods of persuasion. Not so, the adults in Treepoint, Kentucky. Apparently, everyone who lives there has the mental maturity of 8 to 17 year olds, because they all fell for the "sexual promiscuity is cool" line and are afraid of being called "narrow minded prudes" and "killjoys" if they don't let the Last Riders "play" with them.