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Because in the first half of the book Daniel had big dreams for the future, and JCP tricked me to believe that would be possible. He made a choice to allow himself to be happy. This made the story feel so real. Those are the experiences that make up the bedrock of a happy life.

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Not the roller coasters, but the long, easy stretches of road. I must also mention Larry — whenever things got too intense he would appear in the scene and lighten the mood with his never ending optimism and admiration and true friendship. I really liked him for that. Because, really, how often do we fail to recognize the little things that make us happy while constantly chasing and searching for something … more that we believe will bring us happiness?

View all 5 comments. Apr 19, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: established-or-existing-couple , family-drama , disability-illness-injury-etc , wrote-a-review , mm-sciencefic-dystopia-apocolyptic. A nice end to the Mnevermind series. Usually I like my romances to have fairy-tale endings, but I thought that Jordan Castillo Price's decision to go with a more realistic story worked very well here. The learning curve for Daniel and Elijah is a steep one. Elijah's autism does present some challenges for the two, but both of them are obviously trying.

When your romantic partner has autism, it can be expected that there will be certain emotional and physical hurdles. However, I think readers will A nice end to the Mnevermind series. However, I think readers will be very pleased with how far Daniel and Elijah progress in their relationship.

I feel like book 2 dealt more so with the physical passion between the MCs, whereas in book 3 we get a very deep understanding of the emotional connection that Daniel and Elijah have had since they first met. Big Dan and Larry were absolutely awesome. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a friend like Larry! I'm also happy for Big Dan. The author was able to take a situation with seemingly no solution and provide something that was both doable and satisfactory. I struggled with the technology aspect, and found myself zoning out a few times while reading the tech-heavy parts.

But I think readers with an interest in how technology effects the brain will probably find mnemography entertaining. This book reaffirmed that engineering or computer science are definitely not for me! However, the business-oriented parts were very interesting.

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Overall, this was an entertaining series that provided a realistic romance, albeit one set in an alternate universe. I'd say I was able to connect more so with Elijah than I did with Daniel, but in the end I was happy with how their story turned out. Jan 02, Alisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m-read , disabilities , zz He continues to struggle with business issues and his guilt from his father's accident. Through it all he and Elijah keep building the layers of their 4. Through it all he and Elijah keep building the layers of their relationship. While I loved being in Elijah's head last book I think it was important to do this last part with Daniel.

She takes two everyday men and their everyday lives and paints us a picture of a beautiful love. I like how the MC's are not what you usually see in romance books. One is in his 40's and down on his luck. The other is on the Autism spectrum. They have difficulties in their lives and if you're expecting everything to be magically worked out you'll be wrong. They win some and they lose some in this book.


The conclusion is just beautiful though and I was touched with the way it ends. These guy's relationship makes me think of the photographs of pretty flowers growing in the cracks of concrete in run down places. There's a life message in here but it's not done in a preachy way. Just ends by giving you something to think about. Loved this entire trilogy. Mar 25, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: bmbr-reads , I pretty much sat down and read the three Mnevermind books back-to-back, I enjoyed them so much I couldn't stop reading when one book was finished.

Because I read them all straight off, I'm reviewing them together - I really think anyone interested in these should get all three from the start! These books sum up pretty much everything I love about reading. They are unique, have great characterisation and a fantastic edge of reality - considering the subject matter is not a real thing yet!

The I pretty much sat down and read the three Mnevermind books back-to-back, I enjoyed them so much I couldn't stop reading when one book was finished. In a mnem the world is your oyster and you can spend a few blissful hours in complete happiness, once your time is up you go back about your everyday business and the memories of the mnem slowly fade over the next few hours, leaving you with nothing but a feeling of bliss.

Sure, you might be a bit disorientated for a start - after all the mnem world feels remarkably realistic - but all will soon be back to normal. Except when it isn't.

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In a very few cases there have been reports of a persistent memory happening, that is when the brain retains wht happened in the mnem so much so you believe it actually happened. Not a problem? Well imagine trully believing, and experiencing, a big lottery win and spending as if that were the case Daniel Schroeder and his father, proud owners of Adventuretech, a memory palace, have been playing about with mnems for years. Then, a year ago, Daniel a qualified memory smith authored his own mnem, Life is Awesome, and among others his dad, Big Dan, tried it out.

The problem was when Big Dan tried it out, for some reason, it caused a persistent memory and so everyday for the last year Daniel has to remind his father that he was separated from Daniel's mom, and she had moved on to pastures new. Daniel carries the guilt of authoring the mnem that caused the persistence, dreads having to break the news to his dad each and every day, and is trying to keep his failing business afloat by running two jobs. In book 1 he meets Elijah in one of the mnems, when he Daniel was trying to retrieve a client at their allotted finish time.

Nobody should be in a mnem apart from the client and those in the client's imagination, and Elijah was not part of the client's fantasy. From here a wonderful relationship develops between Elijah and Daniel. Both have a love of nmeming in common, but things were never going to be easy for them. The fact that Elijah is on the autistic spectrum is not something that bothers Daniel, but it does mean he has to learn how to deal with this alongside their budding relationship.

I loved the fact that book 2 was written from Elijah's perspective. We learn loads more about him and his first foray into a gay relationship.

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He also has a quite different way of looking at, and dealing with, Daniel's growing problems. Through all three books we see several things happen. Firstly, the relationship between Daniel and Elijah - watching it grow was wonderful. It was so realistic not all moonlight and roses. The whole storyline about Elijah wanting to bottom but it not happening just felt so real. So true - it made me believe these characters all the more.

The ongoing problem with Big Dan's memory. I love Elijah's suggestions.