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India's move was highly contentious and one that will give the government in New Delhi greater authority over the disputed Muslim-majority region.

The national anthems of both Pakistan and Kashmir blared across TV and radio stations on Friday, according to Reuters, and traffic and trains were brought to a halt as people gathered between 12 p. Pakistani policemen and commuters shout anti-Indian slogans during a traffic stoppage in Karachi on August Khan added that he will fight the case of Kashmir on every forum until India releases control of the region.

He also tweeted about the event Thursday, calling on all Pakistanis to participate. Article , revoked on August 5, granted the state of Jammu and Kashmir -- which encompasses the area of the disputed Kashmir region controlled by India -- special status, including the power to have its own constitution, flag and autonomy over all matters, save for certain policy areas such as foreign affairs and defense.

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It's been the epicenter of an often-violent territorial struggle between India and Pakistan, as both nuclear-armed neighbors claim it in its entirety. Now that the Indian government has scrapped the region's special status, non-residents will be able to buy property in the valley and apply for jobs or scholarships that had previously been reserved for the state's residents.

Under the curtain: Kashmir residents contend with pellet guns and restrictions. It is a combination of the two words in the verb phrase stand still. To stand still is to stop doing something, and the noun standstill describes a situation when all action has stopped.

Overcrowded and getting busier: why new train lines can't come fast enough for London

A parade could come to a standstill if traffic blocks the roads and prevents the floats from going through the roads effectively. Groups of traffic that are slowed or stopped are often described using this phrase. A person could be brought to a standstill as well, both physically and mentally.

source url If a person is an active gymnast but then suffers a knee injury, her gymnastics career will be brought to a standstill. She will have to stop practicing for a substantial period of time.