Telecare Technologies and the Transformation of Healthcare (Health, Technology and Society)

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Digital health surrounds many areas and departments that include health portal technology, telehealth, health information technology, and telemedicine. All of these areas are aimed at making digital health revolution a reality. Using telecommunication and information technologies, it helps to remove the distance and upgrades, enhances and boosts access to medical technology. It can be used to save the life of the people in critical care and emergencies situations.

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It is a way through which the patient can interact with the physicians. It optimizes the workflow. It is a user-friendly way of getting into the single point of entry as it helps the patients in what they are looking for. In Patient Portal technology, searching is easy, and it develops a better relationship with the doctor and the patient.

Transformation of Health and Care in the Digital Single Market

It also improves your health outcomes. Wireless technology and Mobile phone health are used for the practice of medicine and care delivery. Mobile phone technology is giving awareness to people about healthy living tips and potential to live better health. With the help of health, there are many applications possible like education, diagnostic support, help lines, remote monitoring, and data collection. Personalized medicine is an emergency practice of medicine.

Personalized medicine helps patient to have a more accurate, specific and powerful approach to healthcare which is customized to individual requirements and needs. Wearable technology plays a very important role in medical and healthcare technology. Wearable technology increases communication and allows multitasking. It also provides convenience as these devices work from everywhere. It provides better access to practitioners.

It also provides personal freedom and independence to the patients. What are the consequences for patients when they are expected to do things that used to be done by healthcare professionals? What actually happens when homes become electronically wired to healthcare organizations? These are urgent questions that are, however, largely absent in dominant discourses on telecare. Drawing on insights from science, technology, and human geography, this work opens up novel accounts of the adoption and use of new technologies in healthcare.

Nelly Oudshoorn shows how telecare technologies participate in redefining the responsibilities and identities of patients and healthcare professionals, introducing a new category of healthcare workers, and changing the kinds of care and spaces where healthcare is situated. This book intervenes critically into discourses that celebrate the independence of place and time by showing how places and physical contacts still matter in care at a distance.

Book details Author : N. This book intervenes critically into discourses that celebrate the independence of place and time 4. Currently, there is another mobile application used as a platform for reserving consultation appointments in outpatient private clinics called Vezeeta for Doctors.

It was downloaded by more than , users Google play store, Telemedicine can be useful in providing medical consultations, diagnoses, getting second medical opinion across distances, and providing e-learning for healthcare professionals. It can save patients and physicians travel, time, and money especially in rural areas Ouma and Herselman, No real development and progress can be achieved in the healthcare sector without a strong national ICT sector to lead the necessary change MCIT, Planning for a new ICT strategy in Egypt is a very promising step towards better healthcare status.

New initiatives and development of communications on both national and international levels will be adopted by the new ICT strategy. Capacity building, designing electronics, and manufacturing are included in the new strategy aiming to maximize the contribution of ICT MCIT, Health technologies can have a great role in solving the global challenges facing the healthcare systems. Worldwide, healthcare environment is changing due to shortage of healthcare professionals, the growth in chronic illness, and limited resources. Using eHealth applications will help us cope up with that change and will provide patient-focused healthcare and personalized medicine.

In Egypt, various eHealth applications have been developed. However, they are still not optimally deployed due to many challenges as financial limitations and lack of ICT infrastructure and national eHealth policy. Therefore, action needs to be started by developing legislative frameworks, adapting a national policy for eHealth and funding research projects. This paper aims to shed the light for the Egyptian policy makers on how new technologies can impact healthcare so that we can start strengthening their quality, releasing new innovations, and paving the way to overcome any challenges.

New Technologies in Health Care: Challenge, Change and Innovation (Health, Technology and Society)

SF fulfills the criteria of authorship and she is the sole author of this paper. She was responsible for the research design, data collection and review, writing and revising the paper, and giving the final approval of the version to be submitted. The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

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The Emergence of Distance Health: Top 10 Medical Innovations 2018

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