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Unapologetically dark, and all the better for it, this smart, sinister novel exults in its dazzling prose and dangerous themes. Witches, murder, and teenage girls - this is the book of my dreams. I am obsessed. Katie Lowe.

The Furies In , a sixteen-year-old girl is found dead. Their squad leaders, known as the Choosers of the Slain for good reason, engaged the target while the warriors cut down any retainers who dared attempt to intervene. The result of a successful decapitation strike was utter confusion in the ranks of the foe, and the complete breakdown of the enemy's chain of command.

Sign In Don't have an account? I'd also known for a long time that I wanted to write a book about female friendships, particularly among teenagers.

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It's such a heady period of life, when emotions are running so high and you feel everything with such intensity--so for me, it was irresistible. But I wanted to treat it seriously.

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Culturally, we have a tendency to minimize the experience of teenage girls: we say their music sucks, their interests are silly, their stories aren't meaningful coming-of-age narratives but high school dramas, and so on. It almost removes their agency when we talk about them like this, as though they're not fully rounded individuals but silly little girls.

Which is partly how I landed on witchcraft as a way of framing all of this.

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  • I wanted the girls in this novel to find power in another kind of female figure who sits in the "outsider" category and to run with it. It's such a powerful idea to me that these women accused of witchcraft over the centuries have rejected the expectations put upon them, even if that means being put to death. And so, with The Furies , I wanted the girls to find strength in that rather than fear.

    This story of female fury and a need to mete out justice--especially to the men who have harmed them--resonates strongly with recent headlines.

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    Can you talk a little more about the "brutal power of female friendship" and the empowerment through rage that the young women in your novel experience? I think metoo has given a language to something that's been part of the female experience for a long time, which is obviously why it resonated so powerfully with so many women. The auction for the novel in the United States took place on the day the Weinstein allegations first came out, so the writing process took place while the kind of conversations metoo has brought into the spotlight still only ever happened privately, among friends.

    It feels almost as though it's being published now into a world I never could've imagined while I was writing it, though it's vastly improved for it. With that said, I--and most of my friends--had spent in a kind of stunned horror at the way the world was changing around us.

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    We were, and are still, angry. The fact that these girls and women [in my book] are so angry and so ready to take matters into their own hands was very much a product of that.

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    At the start of the book, your protagonist, Violet, and her new friend, Robin, appear to be near foils of one another, but they become progressively more intertwined. Was this character evolution planned or did it grow organically as you wrote?

    It really did grow organically. Something I've learned painfully, I'd say, from this point in the end stages of hashing out a new book is that I'm not someone who can plot characters in such a way that I can make them do things they aren't meant to do.

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    There's a point, for me, where the book clicks and you know the characters well enough to put them in a situation and let them interact with each other and see what happens, rather than having to force things along. And for me, personally, a lot of the most enjoyable scenes to write were those in which Violet and Robin were alone together.

    Because they were so closely intertwined, it was so much fun just to put them in a situation and let them talk--almost more like writing a play than a novel.