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He said, in the past, his deputies, along with Border Patrol, have dismantled up to three stash houses a day. Often, those who are smuggled across the border need to then be smuggled around the highway checkpoint about 70 miles north, in Brooks County, especially as many are heading to Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas.

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On May 15, Border Patrol agents at a checkpoint near Laredo, Texas, discovered a semi-trailer with illegal aliens locked in the back, according to Customs and Border Protection. The smuggling networks are vast and the opportunities to extort more money are always on the table.

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Guerra suggested that the criminal enterprises in Mexico are now making more money from smuggling humans than they are from smuggling drugs. He said he had planned to go to New York and a friend in Beijing had put him in contact with a smuggler. A Honduran man with a year-old girl handed themselves over to Border Patrol after crossing illegally. They planned to go to Houston. Agents also seized cash, nine vehicles, three tractor-trailers, and more than 1, lbs. Several of the illegal aliens had prior criminal records, including a year-old Guatemalan with an outstanding warrant out of Florida for driving under the influence; a year-old Mexican with ties to a Mexican drug cartel; and a year-old Mexican with convictions for child endangerment and driving while intoxicated.

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Stash houses—such as houses, trailers, and even motels—can be found in all types of neighborhoods, including gated communities. So, we get a lot of those calls from our community. Staton said, in some cases, calls have come in from individuals who are complaining because bathrooms are stopped up and raw sewage is coming out onto the streets. US News. Massive increases in illegal border crossings is stretching resources thin, while smugglers pack more illegal aliens into houses.

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By Charlotte Cuthbertson. Pretty good haul for the amount of trouble, especially if you did like we advised and looted everything else in sight. There are several other homestead stashes in RDR2. The main stash I could not get without Javier. I did not play through, however to see if Javier leads you to the house for a second visit if you go there first without him.

In the barn that crate is able to be shoved with help of course. Then something was doen there.

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I dont exactly remember what I got from there. The chest in the barn gives you two 50 dollar stacks and some jewelry I think. You can definitely get it without javier. I went without Javier but I think you have to have gotten a home robbery tip for the house elsewhere. Other loot in the house and all the horses too. Usually at least one decent quality horse to steal too. Have you or anyone else tried getting in there?

Can you even?

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