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The Samurai Strategy

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Additionally some pieces of dialog are also changed. On losing a level or dying, you receive the message "Sayonara", instead of the usual "Goodbye"; when starting or loading a game, it greets you with "Konichi wa"; and friendly shopkeepers and priests greet you with "Irasshaimase". The bushido code requires that samurai behave honorably. Dishonorable acts will incur an alignment penalty and display a guilt message.

Examples include:.

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A Samurai with a non-Lawful alignment probably from wearing a helm of opposite alignment will still receive the message, but will not suffer the alignment penalty. The samurai strategy is very simple. If it moves, stab it, and if it's sessile , stab it anyway. Samurai are also good ranged warriors, receiving a bonus to hit and damage when shooting ya from a yumi.

Samurai aren't good at spell casting. However, the katana and splint mail they start with make the first few levels a breeze. As far as weapons go, the samurai should not bother with any sword other than a long sword.

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The katana they start with is the finest one-handed non-artifact weapon in the game. However, in the early game it is important to build up skill in individual weapons, which cannot be done while using two weapons. Of course, the samurai becomes even more powerful with an artifact weapon.

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  • Do this after you have attained experience level 5, but preferably 7. Note that you must use an actual long sword to accomplish this, do not dip your starting katana into a fountain to try to accomplish this. Once you have a decent artifact weapon and expert skill in long sword, slide your original katana over to the secondary hand in two-weapon combat, and it will continue to add its damage to your attacks. Don't use the wakizashi for two-weapon combat because it's a short sword ; a type of sword inferior to all other swords in inflicting damage.

    Find a long sword, which will share the skills you gained with the katana. A crysknife is good, but might not be worth the effort it takes to make one. Advancing multiple other weapon skills beyond basic level should be avoided, due to the finite number of skill slots available to you. If you don't care about riding or spells , however, it is not an issue. Save slots for two-weaponing , longsword, possibly saber, and bow or shuriken.

    The yumi is a good long distance ranged weapon, especially since it can shoot 2 ya in a single turn. It will aid you in situations where melee combat may prove fatal—fighting floating eyes and cockatrices for example. However, veteran players recommend that the bow skill should only be advanced to skilled level, not expert level. This is so you can save expert level slots for later. Alternately, you may wish to forego advancing bow skill entirely in favor of shuriken. With maxed strength and enchantment, shuriken and ya deal roughly comparable damage since ya do not benefit from your strength bonus. Shuriken, on the other hand, do not require a wielded launcher potentially saving valuable turns , and are generally more plentiful thanks to the Quest.

    In the long term, the most damaging artifact weapon for the Samurai is the Frost Brand. If you have some wishes to burn, consider the Sceptre of Might , the Magic Mirror of Merlin or the Orb of Detection for magic resistance. This, plus the farm upgrades to the top, can provide 6 units of food per province or 5 units of surplus ideally.