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I love this series! Another great mystery starring the teenage sleuths. In this one, we find the boys at a ranch trying to find out what's been scaring all the ranch hands away. I was shocked we didn't see another boy their own age around, as that has been a staple of the series, but this time it was mostly just the main three. I will say the ending was slightly predictable, as I had figured out who the real bad guy was fairly early.

That being said, there were still several twists and turns in t I love this series! That being said, there were still several twists and turns in the story and I was still surprised at some of the happenings. Overall, another good volume! Oct 02, Satish Sridharan rated it really liked it.

A Natural Wonder In Calaveras County, The Moaning Cavern!

The first novel I ever read! An old cave, rumoured to be the resting place of a famed bandit called El Diablo, has suddenly begun to moan and no-one knows why. The first non-Arthur book he gets the credit, William Arden wrote it , this is well-written, clever and full of atmosphere - well worth a read. Fremont - add to the authenticity.

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Good fun, with a terrific atmosphere and great pace, this is a cracking read. Buku ini merupakan bagian dari serial Alfred Hitchcock dan Trio Detektif. Mr Dalton ini seorang petani yang memiliki lahan pertanian di kaki gunung yang cukup luas dan didalamnya terdapat sebuah goa. Goa ini dinamakan Goa Raungan karena secara misterius goa ini pada saat-saat Buku ini merupakan bagian dari serial Alfred Hitchcock dan Trio Detektif.

Goa ini dinamakan Goa Raungan karena secara misterius goa ini pada saat-saat tertentu mengeluarkan suara raungan. Goa ini oleh penduduk lokal diyakini dulunya jadi tempat persembunyian El Diablo, seorang perampok yang baik hati terhadap masyarakat miskin. Sewaktu tinggal di rumah Mr. Dalton, Trio detektif mendapat informasi bahwa raungan dari dalam goa ini sejak sebulan sebelumnya terdengar lagi. Trio detektif mulai penasaran dan mereka menyelidiki goa tersebut secara sembunyi-sembunyi.

Sewaktu didalam goa, trio detektif mendapati bahwa didalamnya banyak lorong seperti labirin yang sebelumnya digunakan untuk aktivitas pertambangan. Dalam penyelidikannya Trio Detektif bertemu dengan prospektor ahli prakira kandungan tambang yakni Ben jackson dan Waldo. Selain itu mereka bertemu dengan Profesor Walsh, detektif Reston dll. Dari penyelidikan yang beberapa kali sempat mengancam jiwa mereka, Trio Detektif akhirnya menemukan bahwa Ben dan waldo telah menemukan intan di goa tersebut yang merupakan hasil curian dari seorang penjahat bernama Schmidt.

Detektif Reston dan Trio Detektif akhirnya bisa membuka kedok bahwa Schmidt tersebut selama ini menyamar jadi Prof. Trio detektif sendiri juga berhasil menemukan bahwa suara raungan dari goa berasal dari suara angin yang masuk ke berbagai lorong dalam goa. Ketika lorong goa tersebut ditutup, suara itu tdk muncul dan sebaliknya.

Buku ini merupakan cerita ringan dengan alur sederhana sehingga pembaca tidak bisa berharap ada banyak pesan moral didalamnya. Cerita dalam buku ini hanya mengajarkan soal ketelitian, cara berpikir logis dengan menggunakan logika dan hukum-hukum fisika sederhana. Aug 21, Alex rated it liked it. I was really hoping for more about the Great Old One in the ocean cave, but that pretty much never got paid off. The way in which the Great Old One was used broke the frame in which these are the actual tales of boys that know Alfred Hitchcock.

But instead we have top secret military exercises whose only inclusion in the story does not advance the narrative, does not explain the historical place of the legend, and instead only gives away national secrets. Aug 29, Amit Sareen rated it really liked it. The story here relates to an eerie moaning sound coming from a cave and some recent accidents happening in and around the ranch located near this cave.

Some age-old myths and legends which need to be uncovered with logical reasoning and investigation are where these young lads Jupiter, Pete, and Bob - The Trio land, always looking for trouble. A thrilling story with characters full of eerieness and suspicion makes it an exciting read till the last page. Well, if you've read any book of the series, you know what to expect.

The mystery starts from page one without any delay. The part I love about this series is its quick pace, no-nonsense emotional turnarounds, and it being an easy-breezy quick read for teenagers, as well as adults. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? It's summer break for the Hawks of Flagstaff Middle School. Alex, Seth, and Alisa are looking forward to another summer trip to Alisa's family cabin. The three fire up their ATV's and head for the hills in search of adventure. The style of this book was somewhat different from the previous Three Investigators books.

Some of that difference may be the location. It seemed to me that by the end of this book that Lynds was really doing a good job of characterizing each of the Three Investigators. I look forward to reading other books by Lynds.

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I enjoyed this mystery, though I think some of the earlier mysteries in this series are better and I recommend a first-time reader begin with "The Secret of Terror Castle," the first book in this series. The Mystery of the Stolen DiamondsThat is the title that I think this book should be because there is another mystery going on at the same time that eventually involves the Three Investigators with the mystery of the moaning cave.

The plot is trying to see how or what is making the cave moan only at night and not in the morning.

I really liked this book because it kept me reading, even when I wasn't supposed to be reading the book. Shaky start but strong finish Published by Thriftbooks.

First and foremost, it must be said that William Arden is not Robert Arthur, and that is a pretty severe handicap. Arden wrote a dozen Three Investigators books, even more than Arthur, but this first book has a few weaknesses, which is understandable. The book starts out somewhat slowly. The author seems to be a little wordy, particularly in his descriptions of things, early on, and this makes the pace and rhythm of the story a little choppy in places.

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As the story progresses, there also seem to be a few events and characters who don't seem to belong in this story--Arden fits them in, but their appearances just seem weird to me. One character, who seems to be a bad guy but who ends up being a good guy, backs away from helping the boys in a dire situation, and the reasoning he later gives makes little sense to me. Having said all that, I must say that the story does pick up the pace about halfway through and becomes worthy of the Three Investigators milieu. I wasn't that wild about a lot of activity occurring in caves having had my fill of caves in The Mystery of the Green Ghost , but the nature and inherent danger of the caves does contribute to the suspense of the tale.

Arden proves that he has come to know our trio very well when he has Jupiter alone solve the final piece of the puzzle, to the amazement of the adults involved. All in all, this is a satisfying, interesting story and hopefully a harbinger of good things to come in Arden's later contributions to the Three Investigators series. Another Neat Story in the Series! Published by Thriftbooks.

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This was William Arden's first entry in the Three Investigators series, and he does an admirable job. The boys solve this mystery away from their headqarters at a ranch location, and it has all the elements that kids love to read about Plus the mystery requires some genuine puzzle-solving skills. For anyone who hasn't read a 3I book in a few years or for those trying to start their collection, this is a good one to get.

The tenth 10th installment in the "Three Investigators" series finds the boy sleuths travelling to a ranch to try to solve the mystery of 'Moaning Valley'. They uncover clues leading back to an 18th century bandit, and object of local folk legend named 'El Diablo'. The legend says El Diablo used the cave in Moaning Valley as his hideout, and disappeared into the cave 80 years ago But suddenly there are stories that he's returned! The cave gives off an errie moan that terrifies anyone who hears it. The boys do a bit of scuba diving, and see an odd creature in the water on the western bank of the mountain where El Diablo's cave is located.

The conclusion is both satisfying, and fun as they tie up all loose ends, and help the authorities solve a mystery at the same time. I re-read this story to my 6 year old son last month - still one of my favorites in the series. Corrections Libraries. ThriftBooks sells millions of used books at the lowest everyday prices.

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